Alisa Reid

P – 0411 315 007

How it began..

Alisa grew up in a musical home and was surrounded by the vibration of music and it’s healing gifts. Growing up in a family of lightworkers she has been working with crystals and cards since her early twenties. Fitness disciplines were taught from a young age it wasn’t until Alisa was 22 did she find the benefits of yoga later in life commencing a Yoga Hatha Vinyasa Intensive Teacher Training, November 2017 16 years later. Alisa was one of the creators and founders of Solomon’s Organic Cafe in Highgate, Perth and since a child has been brought up with a strong foundation of understanding the benefits of whole foods and natural medicines but has studied nutrition whilst studying personal training and undertook years of personal nutritional study until deciding to review and completed the David Wolfe Nutrition Certificate in Jan 2018. She has run meditation classes on and off since 2014 and has invested a lot of time into a wide scope of varied study to help understand how to help people align their mind, body and soul.