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Vasna Shalom – 43rd Generation Psychic 

Vasna Shalom – 43rd Generation Psychic
I love this woman! I was sent to Vasna by my Aunty who is an astrologist, she said you want to see a psychic? This one won’t hold back on the truth, don’t get offended because the truth is sometimes is hard to face Alisa. I have been blown away with her psychic abilities and fell in love with the way she left nothing unturned and is definitely not soft with the truth. When leaving I quickly took a glimpse on her wall and saw an article in which I thought it said 3 generations of psychic, sitting down with Vasna last weekend and looking through all the newspaper articles I found out I had read it wrong and when seeing it up close I saw Vasna is a 43rd generation psychic. Her family were advisors for Kings and Queens and generation after generation they have passed on this special gift. I love Vasna and we have become great friends from having long nights talking about spirit and spirituality, we teach each other life skills she is an amazing reader. If you are looking for some guidance or unsure about a complete life change this is the woman to see.
One Love 🕉 
Vasna Shalom P: 0413 232 016
For those of you who have seen Vasna since my last post thank you for sharing your experiences with me, she is amazing.

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