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Astrology and Numerology

My Aunt Katrina – Astrology and Numerology
Katrina isn’t a psychic, and doesn’t tell you the future.
Through the ancient wisdom of Astrology and Numerology she can help you to become self empowered through self-awareness. She works with people who are on a spiritual path, and are ready to hear the truth and do the work with her.
She is a believer in accountability and that we create our reality, but we can use the knowledge of Astrology and Numerology as a guide to help us grow and evolve rather than trying to figure out what’s going to happen. Things are not predestined. We have power over how we experience life.
Her readings can at times be intense and emotional, as she can highlight your wounds which may have been holding you back in life. However, she can also highlight the path you are meant to walk in this life and the natural gifts you have at your disposal. To have an understanding of why we’re here, can bring a sense of relief, peace and true awareness of the SELF.
I highly recommend using these tools not as a set in stone script when making decisions but used as an awareness of understanding the energy around you so that you can learn and grow from all learning experiences.
All readings are a combinations of both astrology and numerology. I get one done on an annual basis just to see what influences are around. I feel very blessed to have grown up with so many incredible people to guide and share their knowledge with me. I highly recommend astrology and numerology reading to have get an understanding of your life purpose and the lessons you chose coming into this world.
You can book your reading with Katrina on 0400 092 515
One Love x

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